Ecotox Brasil Student Grant application is now closed.

The Brazilian Ecotoxicology Society – Ecotox Brasil understands the importance of student participation in the field of ecotoxicology. In this sense, Ecotox Brasil will select up to two (2) students, at any level of education (undergraduate, master’s and doctorate), who will receive financial assistance in the amount of R$1000.00 to participate in the SETAC Latin America 13th Biennial Meeting.

Students from Ecotox Brasil, up-to-date with the annuities of 2018 and 2019, with abstracts submitted and approved for presentation at SETAC Cartagena may apply. You must be an Ecotox Brasil student member.

To apply, send an email to with the following documentation:

  • Proof of enrollment attesting that the candidate is an Ecotox Brasil regular student member in 2019
  • Letter of nomination, signed by the candidate and the advisor, containing the title of the abstract submitted and accepted for presentation, as well as the modality of presentation (poster or oral presentation)
  • Summaries submitted to the event and proof of acceptance of the work.


  • 25 May: application deadline
  • 14 June: Evaluation of applications
  • 17 June: Dissemination of successful candidates
  • 27 September: Confirmation of participation and presentation of work at the event by the successful candidates
  • 2 October: Transfer of financial resources to successful candidates

Successful candidates are expected to:

  • Participate effectively in the event and present the work approved
  • Disseminate the support of the Brazilian Ecotoxicology Society – Ecotox Brazil to its participation in the event through the insertion of the Ecotox Brazil logo in their work